Going through our daily lives, we tend to to stumble upon a few mishaps that might seem like an ‘accident’ we’re responsible for. And you tend to tell yourself..

“If I didn’t do this..”
“If I avoided it..”
“It wouldn’t have happened if..”
“It’s my fault”

But think again…

Are you REALLY at fault?

Say, you park your car at a mall car park, and you come back only to find out your car has been damaged and broken into with your belongings all stolen.

You have paid to have your car parked there with the belief that your vehicle is in good hands.
Is the mall’s car park operator liable for your loss? #MalaysiansMUSTKnow

Have you ever experienced buying something from a shop and it doesn’t work, but the shop won’t exchange it or take it back. What would you usually do in that kind of situation? #MalaysiansMUSTKnow

What if someone gets hurt from slipping on a wet floor in a restaurant or mall?

They might think they were just careless. They get up having to bear the pain for the next few days or WEEKS! But were they really careless? Is the restaurant or mall operator liable? #MalaysiansMUSTKnow

You deserve to know your rights, especially when it involves scenarios you are very well familiar with. Click here’s why :




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