Worms Armageddon – Unmodified ISO/Full Install.
After unsuccessfully finding a full ISO of the game on ForumW i wanted to contribute the full unadulterated rip of the original version 3.0 CD.

I also included the full beta patch to v3.6.20.3, and i included a link at the bottom of this post to “The Full Wormage” saved game for those who wish to posses all of the weapons right off the start. All you need to do is mount this CD on a virtual drive and you are good to go.

About Worms Armageddon
ARMAGEDDON: The last battle between GOOD and EVIL on the day of judgement. WORMS: Sneaky little blighters with a bad attitude who couldn’t care less about any day, let alone the last one!

Now, open a new can of Worms! It’s the biggest, it’s the best. And it’s packed full of goodies (and baddies!) Whether it’s Single Player, Multi-player or slithering across the Internet, Worms Armageddon includes a multitude of features and play modes. This is the peak of perfection in ultra-fun. THE BEST WORMS GAME EVER.

Worms Armageddon enhances the original award-winning gameplay with barmy new weapons, game-enhancing new features and much improved single and multi-player gaming modes. Expericence the worldwide IRC-style network WormNET, which makes playing online easier and more accessible.

Martyn Brown, development director at Team17 informs, “Worms has such a cult following that even after Worms 2, more ideas and requests for a sequel just kept flooding in. We decided on an all guns blazing, totally over-the-top game incorporating everything that’s ever been asked for and more.”


Download Link:





The Full Wormage

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